Realm of Empires
Realm Of Empires' Terms Of Use

Realm of Empires strives to be a fun, rewarding online gaming experience for everyone. It is expected that players treat each other with common courtesy and respect. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account that engages in the following:

Malicious Intent
  • Attempting to deface or damage or Realm of Empires in general
  • Spamming, excessive posting, or disrupting normal communication in realm, in the Throne Room or on the forums
  • Using our communication channels for the purpose other than to support you game play

  • Cheating
  • Creating multiple accounts – creating multiple accounts in game using multiple accounts is prohibited. Only one account per player is allowed.
  • Logging in with other players accounts (consensually or not) to play Realm of Empires on their behalf will be detected and is against TOU. Use the Stewardship feature (if available).
  • Creating or using an account for the sole purpose of aiding another account is strictly prohibited.
  • Using automated scripts (bots), including client side scripts like Greasemonkey scripts.
  • Accessing the game via any User Interface other than through the html website available through, or via Realm of Empires provided mobile applications.
  • Exploiting a bug - A player that discovers a bug that gives him/her an unfair advantage is expected to report the bug to immediately. Exploiting any bugs to your advantage is prohibited.

  • Posting offensive material
  • Any posts (emails, forum posts, village names, clan names, player names, etc) that we deem inappropriate or offensive or discriminatory or profane are not permitted and may result in edit, deletion, warning issued or suspension in case of repeated violations
  • Any posts that encourage, link to, or promote illegal activity.
  • Spamming the discussion boards to promote another game, business, political agenda or religious philosophy
  • Physically threatening a player “in real-life” is not allowed (although in-game threats of attacking are ok).
  • No pornographic material (text or graphics) is allowed in Realm of Empires.

  • Language
  • All communication on Realm of Empires is expected to be in English so that everyone who plays can understand.

  • By accepting the terms of use, the player accepts the following:

  • Servants are the in game currency used to unlock various premium features or the nobility package.
  • There are two types of servants transferable (typically purchased through paypal or completing offers) and non-transferable (typically given as gifts from other players, rewards from contests etc.)
  • Once acquired, servants are not redeemable for cash, all purchases are final, and no returns will be made.
  • Servants cannot be sold for real money to other players, or transfered to other players as bribes for any benefit in the game. For example, in exchange for silver, attacking other player(s), for villages, or to further one's propaganda.
  • A player whose account is terminated forfeits any outstanding servants they may have.
  • Availability and prices of any servant deals or packages may change at any time.

  • Copyright
    All images, text on the Realm of Empires application is the property of Unauthorized use is prohibited.

    Privacy respects your privacy.

    Realm of Empires is provided as-is. is not responsible for any losses incurred by the player, financial, emotional or otherwise. The Realm of Empires application will, on occasion, be unavailable for server maintenance, hardware and software upgrades. Realm of Empires may also experience unplanned outages due to circumstances beyond our control. reserves the right to amend or change the terms of use at anytime.

    Ammended May 17 2023
    Use of all game resources is for the purpose of playing the game. People who do not actively play the game, are not permitted to use game resources, such as the Global Chat.

    If you want all of your data to be permanently deleted:
    All of your data can be removed upon request. Please contact and request for your account to be deleted.